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About Us


Welcome to Ignite Dental Milling Company.


We are a small family owned and operated dental milling center based out of Colorado. Our team, combined, bolsters over 30 years of dental lab tech experience. We pride ourselves in our quality and work hard to ensure that patients are happy with their new teeth. We began with an experienced dental technician, CAD/CAM designer, and a desire to push ourselves into digital milling opportunities. New and exciting doors open in the world of dental laboratories all the time, and we are excited to be a part of the growing need for consistent quality products that dentists and patients can be thrilled to receive.


Anthony Oh | Founder

Anthony is a Colorado native, and has just returned from San Francisco. He recently left his position at a Fortune 500 company to start a new digital dental lab. Anthony's background consists of hospitality and sales, however he is teamed up with experienced dental technicians and is very excited to bring quality and dependability to your practice. He is currently responsible for overseeing the entire operation from sales to delivery.

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